Alpi started in the food industry almost 50 years ago. Since the beginning Alpi developed the expertise in meat trade and in particular poultry meat, bovine meat, pork meat and fish.

The operational net of Alpi is extremely spread in the world, and it covers the 5 continents in over 50 different nations. The internal staff working in every location concerns professionals with a high level of specialized competence, able to attend and work in partnership with a very qualified clients.

The company has a strong orientation towards quality and expertise, thanks to the complete and meticulous control of the entire production chain, from live animal to the final packaging. The features of quality, together with a wide choice of the products catalogue, make Alpi one of the major actor in the competitive scenery of the sector.

Alpi begins to work in the sector of the meat marketing in 1964, operating with his own net of retailers in Italy. The development of the activities culminates at the beginning of the 80’s with the realization of a poultry slaughterhouse and the beginning of the process industrialization; Alpi begins in this way to serve the principal Italian wholesalers and to work on different European markets. From the beginning of the 90’s the core business of the group shifts more and more to the import-export activity, and Alpi becomes one of the principal actors of the

Italian and international sector, thanks to the expertise gained in over 20 years of business and to the professionalism and dynamism of their own operators. The expertise qualities of the company become consolidated in half century of activity and during the last 20 years the company achieved a deep knowledge of markets and products, internationally. Today Alpi is one of the most important sector’s group, with activities in the world scenery and its prestige is recognized by the main international operators . .

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